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Final Predictions for the 2021 NHL season

Well here we are. Prediction time for all the divisions and the playoffs (North division already posted in a previous blog). One guarantee: I will be wrong, I may even look stupid in a few months. I will abstain from all the classic disclaimers or pre-prediciton excuses like "Barring significant injuries" or "Assuming no major trades" etc etc


1. Philadelphia 2. Washington 3. Boston 4. NY Rangers 5. NY Islanders 6. Pittsburgh 7. Buffalo 8. New Jersey


1. Tampa Bay 2. Carolina 3. Columbus 4. Dallas 5. Nashville 6. Florida 7. Chicago 8. Detroit


1. Colorado 2. Vegas 3. St Louis 4. Los Angeles 5. Arizona 6. Anaheim 7. Minnesota 8. San Jose

Stanley Cup Finals: Colorado Avalanche over Montreal Canadiens

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