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Things were more fun when the Canadiens were a mess...

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

So the media has been beating the drums pretty hard about how great the Canadiens are this season. 7 games in. That they seem to be a team with virtually no flaws.....

While I certainly am not the rose-colored glasses wearing kind of guy, I must agree that this team is showing a ton of promise.

I also have to admit, that this has all been quite boring. No one calling in and screaming during late night radio shows on TSN 690, or 91.9 Sports. No Canadiens jokes by the water cooler (ok, bad example, offices are all closed). No friends (who often are barely even hockey fans) texting me the latest Therrien, Julien or Bergevin silly GIFS from Gilligan's Island or Dumb n Dumber. Nope. Nothing but silence. And endless compliments pouring down on management and players (as if they'd won the Cup the previous season).

There is absolutely no gossip to be had anywhere. No Kostistyn alleged scandals, no rumors of Price partying too hard, no discussion around why the Subbanator and Patches hate each other, or compromising pictures of Alex Galchenyuk with (Coco) Chanel. Heck we can't even find a player who looks to be moping this season (hey there Alex Kovalev).

Surely, folks, it won't stay this way all throughout the 56 game schedule?

I mean what are we gonna talk about during the next few long, dark winter nights. This awesome-awesomeness is just driving me bananas. We need something : a missed curfew, a fight in the dressing room, Price waving sarcastically at the fans (or in the case of this season, the journalists up in the press box), perhaps rumors of Youppi having an affair (I had heard something between him and Gritty, the Philly Mascot...which unfortunately proved to be unsubstantiated).

I mean even in the 70s and 80s when they were also a winning team (yeah it's been a while), there were stories. Juicy ones. Affairs, drugs, arrests, players driving into lampposts, or (yes I know it was 1995) even the team superstar mocking the fans and asking the owner for a trade live on tv.

The Canadiens, the city of Montreal, have, for decades, been a team, a town, embroiled in gossip. Folks came to expect it and many relished it. But it seems, at least for the time being, that we will have to settle for just good old wins this season (or perhaps I just need to get a life).

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