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Hughes should wait till the draft for Zegras

They say patience is a virtue, and Kent Hughes has shown he has boatloads of it.

In the case of the "menage a trois" with his goalies, he readily admitted that this was not how he envisioned things. It would be fair to say that he was perhaps a little too patient here (thinking the market for goalies would be greater than it turned out and/or that Allen -the goalie they most likely wanted to move- would get hot by the trade deadline and become more valuable. But it obviously didn't pan out that way).

So when is the right time to pull the trigger and sell from his plethora of young, talented D-men in order to acquire some help at the forward position (likely at center and perhaps even another skilled, hulking forward which outside of Slakfovsky, the Canadiens sorely lack both in their current roster but also in their pool of prosects)?

Logic would dictate that Hugo should exercise caution here, and not rush into things. Wait till you a) get more intel on current roster players like Jordan Harris, Jayden Struble and Justin Barron, particularly since they may see increased responsibilities post trade deadline (assuming Matheson and/or Savard get dealt) and b) get a chance to see how Mailloux, Reinbacher and Hutson do once they are called up later this season (whether it be to play in the AHL in the case of Hutson and Reinbacher, or in the NHL for any of the three- evaluate how they handle themselves against stiffer competition, will help the organization form a more thorough evaluation of them. It may also give potential scouts an opportunity to also better put a value on these players- and no, I am not suggesting to trade either but.......if a stud forward were to be know....).

Showing patience in this situation will also give Hugo (again for those just joining us, that's Hughes and Gorton put together) more time to see how draft eligible players are developing, and also find out where the Canadiens will be selecting, who gets picked ahead of them etc. He will also be able to form a better idea of what Free Agency will be like and what cap space he could have at his disposal (say they miraculously find a way to move bad contracts like Armia's and Dvorak's- truth be told Anderson and Gallagher are here to stay given the duration of their contracts).

With regards to the Draft for example, what if when the Canadiens come to select their first rounder a highly touted D-man were to still be available (ex: a Sam Dickinson ) could that make it easier to part ways with Mailloux? Would the Habs consider moving Guehle if the right offer was on the table?

Besides, there is absolutely no rush. The Canadiens will not make the playoffs (5th most difficult schedule the rest of the way) and most blockbuster deals are usually not made at the trade deadline but more so at or around the Draft.

So could a player like Trevor Zegras help bolster our anemic offense? Of course he could (especially if St-Louis can work his magic with him, turn him into a more complete player). But I highly doubt a player like that will be moved before the end of the season. And I am sure Hughes will be ready to pounce when the opportunity comes about but especially when he will have far more cards to deal from.

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